​A Millionaire Is Trying To Make A Real-Life Battle Royale On A Private Island

A millionaire is looking for someone to help them design a 100-person battle royale-inspired event to take place on a private island. The winner of three-day Airsoft contest will be awarded £100,000. The secretive individual behind the contest is still in the early stages of organising the event but it sounds like nothing could go wrong, right?

Okay, let's run down this list together: anonymous millionaire, private island, last-person standing contest. Surely we've seen enough films to know how this is going to turn out. Even if it doesn't turn into an island massacre, we've all seen the Fyre Festival documentary. Surely this is going to end up with 100 people left on an island for three days with no food and just a tonne of Airsoft guns for company?

The role of gamemaker is being advertised on Hush Hush, a website designed to come up with creative ways to part millionaires from their money, selling things like high end billiards tables, private jets, and islands.


According to a post on its request board (via the Daily Star), it's looking for "someone who can help design the arena for a 100-person battle royale inspired event." The person who nets the contract will be well compensated, earning £45,000 for six week's work.

Hush Hush says it was "approached by one of our customers, who was on the lookout for a private island, for help in setting up the championship. We will also be handling registrations for the event when the time comes. Contestants will be provided with Airsoft guns, ammo and touch-sensitive body armour for a three-day event. The 'last person standing' will win a £100,000 jackpot. As it is currently planned, the event is intended to last three days, with 12 hours of competition each day. Competitors will then camp for the night. Food, camping gear and all the necessary equipment will be provided."

If you think you're up to the task of making a real life PUBG then you can put your hat in the ring over on Hush Hush. Reckon you have what it takes to make a (hopefully) bloodless battle royale? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: Battle Royale Production Committee

Julian Benson

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