A New Land Full Of Dinosaurs Is Coming To 'Runescape'

Long-running MMO Runescape is getting a massive update called The Land Out Of Time. It adds a giant new island chock full of dinosaurs and ruined temples to explore. It's also the culmination of a quest first added to the game 11 years ago, so if you've been waiting to visit fossil island for more than a decade, finally your wish will be granted.

The Land Out Of Time is a free expansion that will be released on July 8. It adds the new land, a big game hunter mode that lets you take down giant dinosaurs with traps, and you can now even construct a base, commanding a group of workers to scour the land for resources.

Naturally, the biggest addition are the dinosaurs themselves. These scaly beasts perk up any MMO, and Runescape is no different. Though, the creatures themselves are unlike dinosaurs you've seen in other games. Rather than straight recreate the old familiar stable of a T-rexes and brachiosaurus, each dino has been blended with an insect to create boldly colourful new creatures. I'm a particular fan of the T-rex butterfly mix you can see below:

The biggest dino blended with the prettiest insect
The biggest dino blended with the prettiest insect

The new island, Anachronia, can be found in the north east corner of Gielinor. Like Skull Island in the Kong films, it's an island that is emerging out of a strange mist. The wall of thick fog, the craggy coast line, and the dangerous seas have left the island undisturbed for hundreds, if not thousands of years. However, at long last, the workmen at the Varrock Museum have finally completed their barge and you can sail over to the mysterious land.

Keen Runescape fans will know this barge has been in the game since version 1 and the workmen hadn't managed to complete it in over 11 years. Reasons the workmen have given for not finishing their work include "serious design flaws (it didn't float)", they used "a special sealant that attracted sea monsters", and they used " a special sealant that attracted icebergs".

The museum workers have been building this boat for 11 years
The museum workers have been building this boat for 11 years

When you arrive at the island you will need to build a basecamp from which to start your expeditions onto the island. A conveniently nearby ruined temple is the perfect place. After settling in you're given command of a team of workers who you can direct to collect resources and build facilities. You've ten workers at first and each can be assigned to collect different sorts of resources. They can only collect so many resources an hour so building all the buildings available to you and getting them fully upgraded will take you a good while. The buildings bring with them new quest givers, and that gives you more to do on Anachronia, so it's worth the investment.

Naturally, you'll want to get out and explore the island. It's a thick jungle full of secrets, and vicious animals and plants so you'll want to go prepared - yes, even the plants will try to kill you. You'll stumble across clearings where you can place bait to kick off a Big Game Hunter session. These see you keeping out of the way of a giant dino while trying to collect resources from the clearing - the rewards are high value but if you're killed you'll lose everything you've collected that session. Eventually, with the aid of traps, you'll be able to take down the big dinos themselves but that will take time. Besides big dinos, you'll come across quest givers, strange talking plants, and an homage to the Crystal Maze that I won't spoil here.

You'll need the fast travel because the island is massive
You'll need the fast travel because the island is massive

Getting around the island is helped by a giant athletics course that loops round the landmass. This course acts as a fast-travel system, letting you speed round the jungle, climbing over ruined columns, and sprinting along the trunks of fallen trees. At various points along the circular course you'll find courses that take you into the centre of the island, like spokes on a wheel. These routes will take you to points of interest you'll want to explore further.

The main reason for visiting Anachronia is because it's likely where Kerapac, the villain who stole the Time Needle, is hiding. In recent Runescape history the old gods who created the world have been stirring and Kerapac appears to be trying to bring the ancient creatures back to power. He's stolen the Time Needle, a device that allows time to be warped and changed - likely explaining why Anachronia is populated by what should be long extinct dinosaurs. You need to search the island and discover his plans, potentially foiling them.

The Land Out Of Time is a massive addition to Runescape and it's full of new high level activities for players who have run out of things to do in Gielinor. If you've not played in a while or never reached the higher levels, you can visit and explore Anachronia, even start building your base camp there, but you should really go explore more of the old world first as most your encounters there will be high level.

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Featured Image Credit: Jagex

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