​A New Pokémon Game Is Coming To Mobile In Less Than A Year

DeNA, the Japanese mobile game developer that made Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, is working on a new Nintendo-themed game. This time it's looking to the Pokémon license and plans to release it before the end of March 2020.

In its financial year operating results, DeNA included a slide announcing that it planned "to launch a new and exciting smartphone game this fiscal year based on the globally popular Pokémon franchise, in partnership with The Pokémon Company". More details on the game and its launch will be coming down the line but it's enough to be going on for now.

Nintendo has been steadily releasing more mobile games since Miitomo and Super Mario Run back in 2016. There's been a range of success, Miitomo dropped off the radar pretty quickly, whereas Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp still has a pretty dedicated following. Then you have the silly success of Pokémon GO. THough, few games are going to match its success, it was a phenomenon.

A new Pokémon game on mobile could be a huge deal, particularly if it went down a different route from GO. With Pokémon Sword and Shield already in the works, I can see Nintendo less keen on DeNA making something that too closely resembled a traditional Pokémon adventure. DeNA's other mobile games, like Pocket Camp, play is centred on developing your own space, acquiring furniture and decorating your rooms. I'd love to see a Pokémon game that focused on similar ideas, turning Pokémon into something like Tamagotchi. A game where you have a few Pokémon you care for, feed, and train.

Of course, Fire Emblem Heroes was a big money maker and that was based around turn-based combat so maybe we'll see a mobile game that does include Pokémon battles.

We'll know more in the future, but for now know that there will be even more Pokémon in your life in the next 12 months.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

Julian Benson

Senior journalist at GAMINGbible. Former deputy editor of PCGamesN and news editor of Kotaku UK. Written for Eurogamer, PC Gamer, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Wired, and GamesMaster. Author of 'Rags, Bones and Tea Leaves'. Contact: [email protected]

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