​A Set Of Untranslated Iwata Asks Interviews Are Being Released In English

During the years when Satoru Iwata was Nintendo's President and CEO, he would interview developers of Nintendo games for a column called Iwata Asks. The release of these interviews was irregular and often infrequent, but each one gave a fascinating insight to life at Nintendo. They were also often very charming, as Iwata was clearly having fun talking to developers. While many of these interviews were translated into English, there's a batch that remained in Japanese only. These are now being translated by Nick Mosier.

The first interview Mosier has turned his attention to is one with executive producer Akitoshi Kawazu, who worked on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers for the Wii. It's a six part interview and Mosier's only released the first part so far, but it makes for an interesting read for Final Fantasy fans and Iwata fans.

Yesterday marked four years since Iwata's death. His passing was a considerable loss for the industry. While Nintendo has continued to go from strength to strength, it is still sad not to see him introducing Nintendo Directs or considering a banana:

When was the last time you considered a banana?
When was the last time you considered a banana?

It's a shame we don't have an equivalent of Iwata asks. Either coming out from Nintendo itself, or from one of the other big publishers. Often the CEOs of these companies, or the heads of divisions, can seem distant as a result. When they are seen to actually be engaging with the games their studios develop, it shows them connecting with games. Plus, surely a CEO looks at games differently to people like us who are on the outside of the company, getting a glimpse of that insight is welcome.

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