​After Much Leaking, Ubisoft Announces London-Set ‘Watch Dogs Legion’

It's hardly a surprise after two years of teases and leaks, but Watch Dogs Legion is a thing and it is set in London. What this means is - if you take one thing away from this article - is that we're finally getting another open-world game set in London that features cockneys. Long live The Getaway.

Ubisoft revealed the game with a good long chunk of gameplay, so watch it yourself below:

Set in a post-Brexit world, this is a near-future London full of drones, CCTV, and private security firms. The trailer starts off by diving straight into gameplay. We're watching a Dedsec geezer looking to recruit a drone expert. However, before he can get them, he gets caught up in a firefight and, er, gets killed. Looks like Watch Dogs Legion features permadeath, because with the fella dead, control transfers to an old woman.

The woman continues the same mission as the man before her, but has a good deal more success - tazing, parkouring(ish), and evading security with a pet drone.

The video then switches to another character. They're all members of the same gang, and it appears and they're all for you to control. This is the big feature of Watch Dogs Legion, every civilian you meet can be recruited into your gang.

Watch Dogs Legion lets you recruit anyone into your gang
Watch Dogs Legion lets you recruit anyone into your gang

It all looks very Watch Dogs so far, giving you the freedom to approach missions how you want. The geezer pulled out a machine gun and fought his enemies head on; the old woman used drones to circumvent security and achieve her objectives; and the third character, Naomi, sneaks into the mission area herself, using stealth to get the job done.

The world looks lovely and filled out. Very much like a London dressed in future tech, rather than a city replaced by new technology. A little like in Dontnod's Remember Me, which saw Paris coated in sci-fi.

For a publisher that forever says its games don't have a message, Clint Hocking, the game's creative director, came out and was open about talking about Brexit as the inspiration for Watch Dogs Legion.

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Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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