‘Anthem’ Is Crashing PS4s, And Sony Is Offering Its Players Refunds

Anthem's had a hard time of it, and no mistake. It's the lowest-rated BioWare game ever released; its first-week physical sales were a quarter of what its most obvious genre rival Destiny 2 achieved, and half of Mass Effect: Andromeda's; and now it's been crashing PlayStation 4 consoles, leading to Sony offering full refunds to frustrated players.

The problem emerged when Anthem players on PS4 began reporting that their consoles were switching off, during the game, only to want of memory corruption when rebooting. According to IGN, this crashing could occur when matchmaking in the online game, booting players back to the main menu, or worse.

One player described the crash they experienced as being like "someone pulled the plug without properly shutting the hardware down, or if the power went out in the house".

The game's publisher, EA, acknowledged the issue, asking on Twitter that players share their crash data reports.

Several Reddit and Twitter users posted that the problem was greater than just a console powering off - they said that their PS4s had been bricked following the Anthem problem. Posted one such user: "My PlayStation has been completely bricked, to the point of not even turning on, because of Anthem."

On the EA Answers HQ forum, at the time of writing, over 600 players have said they've experienced the crashing problem. Sony has responded by offering refunds to players concerned that Anthem will break their consoles.

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According to Variety, Sony was "more than happy to [offer a refund] after waiting in a lengthy queue of other customers. There were no questions asked other than typical account verification inquiries." The website cites other users who've had received no resistance when asking for their money back, with one saying: "no questions asked, took me five minutes".

Poor, poor Anthem. But it could yet be saved, right? That's what these kind of games do - come out not where they should be, receive a load of post-release content, and turn out amazing. Right? Let us know if you've been affected by a PS4 crash while playing the shoot 'n' loot open-worlder - we're on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: EA/BioWare

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