‘Beat Saber’ Videos Wrongly Pulled From YouTube After Jimmy Fallon Spot

A series of copyright strikes have hit YouTubers posting Beat Saber content, following the VR rhythm game's appearance on the US chat show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The host was joined on 24 April by Marvel movies actress Brie Larson - she's Captain Marvel in the superhero series - to slash blocks in time to electronic beats. The pair took on the tracks '$100 Bills' and 'Escape' - but since the show aired, and the clip in question made itself to YouTube (check it out, as Brie totally owns Jimmy at the game), NBC Universal has been hitting other YouTubers with copyright claims.

The game's developers, Beat Games, have been quick to comment, stating on Twitter that the copyright strikes are the result of a "really messed up algorithm". They followed up, later, by telling fans that "Jimmy's team is taking care of it". And, hopefully, they are.

The studio has told those affected by the copyright strikes to dispute them, which should in due course put the matter in front of an Actual Human Being, rather than over-zealous bots. It's clearly a real kick in the teeth for them that such a high-profile piece of exposure for their game has had these negative repercussions.

In a way to further speed up the solution to this problem, Beat Games have turned off the content ID for the track '$100 Bills', which seems to be the most-commonly impacted number of the two on the show. Content ID is an automated process whereby YouTube checks videos against each other, and will block clips if it think they're using material that belongs to someone else. (I used to work at VICE, and we had this same problem semi-regularly - other people would get hit by strikes after we used the same game in one of our videos.)

PCGamesN has reached out to The Tonight Show to confirm whether or not these strikes are simply mistakes, or if there's something more sinister going on (there almost certainly is not). Beat Saber was released last year for Windows (Rift, Vive) and PS4 (PSVR), and has to date sold over a million copies and won no fewer than ten industry awards. Pretty good game, then.

Are you a fan of Beat Saber? Is it the kind of game that could convert a fence-sitter to the side of all things VR? Let us know - we're on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: Beat Games

Mike Diver

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