​Bethesda Is Giving 'Morrowind' Away To Celebrate The Elder Scrolls Anniversary

Bethesda is celebrating The Elder Scrolls' 25th anniversary by giving away a free copy of Morrowind. If you've not played this classic slice of gaming, it's one of the weirdest Elder Scrolls games around and stuffed full of excellent quests.

Released on March 25, 1994, The Elder Scrolls: Arena, it was Bethesda's first ever RPG, even its first fantasy game. For the six years prior, the studio had been working on sports games like Wayne Gretzky Hockey.

Oddly, the game started life as more of a gladiator game, with you travelling to different cities in the world of Tamriel and fighting against teams of combatants to win the Arena tournament. Through development the rest of the world was fleshed out, with towns, dungeons, and sidequests added. Eventually the tournament was dropped altogether and Arena became an RPG.

Elder Scrolls could have turned out very differently if Arena hadn't become an RPG
Elder Scrolls could have turned out very differently if Arena hadn't become an RPG

After Arena came Daggerfall, and then two spinoffs - Battlespire and Redguard - which experimented with multiplayer and action-adventure genres. But the game that solidified The Elder Scrolls series as we know it today was Morrowind. Bethesda built its new engine, The Elder Scrolls Construction Set, which the team has used for every RPG it's made since

Morrowind was packed with the things Bethesda's fans love - quests, factions you can join, the ability to steal anything that's not nailed down. It was moddable, too, which saw years of unofficial expansions and conversions being released.

If you first started playing The Elder Scrolls with Oblivion or Skyrim, you should really give it a go. And, it's easy to do it, Bethesda is giving Morrowind away for free:

Initially the offer was only yesterday but Bethesda has extended out over the weekend. Just enter this code in the Bethesda store: TES25TH-MORROWIND.

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Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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