Ubisoft Shows Off Epic-Scale 'Beyond Good & Evil 2' Gameplay

During its fourth Space Monkey Report livestream yesterday, Ubisoft shared a lengthy insight into the world of Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Details in previous Space Monkey Reports, all of which showcase the sequel's ongoing development, have been minuscule in comparison to yesterday's reveal.

For the first time, Ubisoft showed in-depth Beyond Good & Evil 2 gameplay footage, from an early alpha demo. Twenty-five minutes' worth, in fact. This gave the series its biggest audience numbers so far.

But what did the hour-long show reveal? For starters, every player character is a clone, and each clone has a specific role to play within the game's universe. But as Kotaku observed, there's no mention on what this means for Pey'j and Jade, from the first game (released waaay back in 2003).

Every player will be equipped with a sword, gun, and jetpack from the get-go. Weapons can be upgraded with augments you collect throughout the game. A spyglass lets you, you know, see things in the distance. But it also works like a scanner in No Man's Sky; if you focus on something, or someone, information about it pops up on screen.

To be honest, there's a number of features reminiscent of No Man's Sky on show here - like the jetpack, spyglass, and how you seamlessly travel from planet surface to outer space. I dare say that it *looks* much better in Beyond Good & Evil 2, though. For instance, the spyglass can be used from orbit to zoom in on a stunning city.

'Beyond Good & Evil 2' gameplay. Credit: Ubisoft
'Beyond Good & Evil 2' gameplay. Credit: Ubisoft

Vehicles can be stolen, customised (with modules or new parts that may affect your ship's abilities), and flown around cities or space, to fight or simply get from A to B.

Throughout, Ubisoft gave examples of drop in, drop out co-op with two players. Larger groups may be allowed when the full game launches, but the studio didn't confirm the feature yesterday. Devs did it make it clear that both players can travel as far apart as they want from each other, though.

All in all, the livestream showed engaging, vast gameplay, most of which looked gorgeous. Combat needs work, as is to be expected at this alpha stage, but don't you just want to play it already? Sadly, Ubisoft didn't share details on the anticipated release date, but we know that its demo is coming at the end of next year.

There was tons shown within the hour-long livestream, loads which you already know. So Ubisoft cut down all the important bits into a three minute-clip. You can watch it below:

What do you think about this gameplay? Are you looking forward to Beyond Good & Evil 2? Did you play the original? Is this shaping up to be what you expected? Let us know.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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