​You Can “Bitch And Moan” But ‘Borderlands 3’ Is Staying An Epic Exclusive

There are still a lot of Borderlands fans sending angry messages to Gearbox because of its plans to launch Borderlands 3 on the PC exclusively through the Epic store. One argument against this is that the Steam store has more features than Epic's and so players will have a less good experience.

Well, to that point, CEO Randy Pitchford took to Twitter (via PC Gamer) to explain why he thinks the Epic Store is the best place for Borderlands 3 to be and that the game might actually force Epic to add new features to its store sooner.

He also makes the point that "Epic has published a near term road map. This road map includes a look into things they are committing to. If I were a betting man, I would expect that there are more things that happen than what they are committing to." And, he also says that the game isn't due out until September, giving Epic a lot of time to improve its service.

And, of course, "Epic will suffer (again) if, by the time Borderlands 3 launches, the customer experience is not good enough. This is a tremendous forcing function for Epic."

Borderlands is a big new game, in Randy's words, "the biggest, by far, new game to arrive on the Epic store since they launched", so Epic is going to "invest huge amounts of resources specifically for the features most important for Borderlands 3."

Borderlands 3 takes place years after the last game
Borderlands 3 takes place years after the last game

Like Half-Life 2 pushed people to install Steam, Borderlands 3 will make people accept Epic: "And so we're going to swallow the Epic Games Store pill with Borderlands 3. And some of you guys are going to hate it and scream bloody murder and you'll even blame me, personally, for it. And you can bitch and moan and brigade and stalk my shit, but at the end of the day when we look back at this moment we'll realize that this was the moment where the digital stores on PC became unmonopolized."

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