​Blizzard Fan Works Out Studio Staff Poo 1,558 Times A Day

There are some people that say that fans are too obsessive, that they get a little too involved with their developers of choice. Sure, you could argue that the fan who worked out how many poos the staff at Blizzard's offices take every day is proof that fans take things too far. But could you not also argue that they're doing a public service? No, not really, this is just too much information.

Over on Reddit, user EveClassic wanted to work out exactly what their subscription to World of Warcraft Classic pays for. After all, with millions of people subscribing to Blizzard's long-running MMO, the company must be rolling in it right? Well, no, not exactly.

Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper

EveClassic wanted to prove how much money Blizzard must spend simply to run as a company and they chose to go with something simple and well documented: toilet paper use. How much paper would their subscription cover. Of course, to know that, they had to work out how much Blizzard likely used, and that meant pondering the poo.

They began by roughly working out how many staff Blizzard Entertainment employed at its Irvine, California headquarters. With some numbers released in 2015, minus the people who were laid off earlier this year. It comes to around 2,500.

"Consulting studies on how frequently people poop, EveClassic was able to determine that:

  • 32.95% don't shit at the office ever (that's the < 3 shitters and half the large group of shitters)
  • 30.25% shit 3 times a week at the office (the other half of the majority)
  • 29.9% shit every day at the office
  • 7.1% shit at least twice a day at the office

That's roughly:

  • ~824 people in the no shit column
  • ~756 people in the 3-a-week column
  • ~748 people in the everyday column
  • ~178 people in the slacker column

All told, that's 7,788 shits per week at Blizzard HQ (we're not counting weekends here, the HQ is listed as closed in any case) or 1,558 shits per day."

With further research, EveClassic was able to work out how much paper you would need for that many poops. Apparently, the average American uses 8.6 sheets per poo. Which means the studio likely goes through 27 rolls of paper a day. Buying those at wholesale works out at $280 a bundle, meaning the studio spends $10.53 on toilet paper daily.

This Is The Correct Way To Hang Your Toilet Paper
This Is The Correct Way To Hang Your Toilet Paper

This all means that a month's subscription to World of Warcraft buys just over 1 day's worth of toilet paper for the company's overwhelming amount of poo.

But, yes, the main takeaway from all this is that too much thought has gone into this. And a minor takeaway is that your subscription has deal with the clean up of almost 2,000 poos.

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Julian Benson

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