'Cadence of Hyrule', 'Overland', And 'Cuphead' Coming To The Switch

It's time for another Nindies showcase. Another wave of new games is coming to the Nintendo Switch, many of them with lovely pixel art graphics. And, more importantly, multiple games featuring gorgeous doggos.

First up, a firm favourite of the shmup crowd the tough as nails, but wonderful on the eyes, Cuphead is coming to the Nintendo Switch. It's a great fit for the console because, unlike the Xbox, which is heavy, it's much easier to throw the Switch into the bin in frustration. It's coming out on April 18.

Overland, the turn-based survival game crossed with a road movie set in an apocalypse is also coming to the Nintendo console. I've been following this game for a while, through its developer Andrew Saltzman's twitter postings, and it looks really good. Largely because it has a dog. And you can pet the dog. I'm very easily pleased. It will be out in autumn.

Devolver Digital's My Friend Pedro will be out in June.

Neocab is a game where you drive around the city, picking up fares and trying to track down your friend who is on the run from an evil corporation. It's not your average night as a taxi driver... I mean, I've never worked as a taxi driver. Maybe this is the exciting life they lead.

Picking up on the dog love of Overland, Timberline Studio revealed it is working on a game all about taking part in a dog sledding race. The aim of the game is to take part in the Iditarod race, a nearly 1,000 mile race across Alaska. In The Red Lantern you'll take care of your dogs, tend to your wounds, and basically keep yourself alive in a frozen landscape.

Darkwood has been out on PC for a while, and it's a properly disturbing top down survival horror game. But it will be making a jump to Switch in May.

Katana Zero is an interesting prospect. One part sidescrolling samurai game, one part counselling session. You fight your way through levels and then talk to your therapist about your mental state. We'll know more about how it works when it releases on April 18.

Next up is a game from Double Fine, maker of Costume Quest, Stacking, and Psychonauts. It's called Rad and it's a third-person action game where you fight your way through a nuclear wasteland, mutating yourself to be better equipped to fight all the many beasties you come across. That's apparently out in summer.

Creature In The Well looks like an eclectic mix of awesome. It's an action game where you play as a swordsmen fighting through a sandstorm-stricken world. The twist is that all the combat is pinball inspired. Have a watch of the trailer to get a sense of how it works:

Pine, coming out in August, is an RPG where you right across a fantasy land, battling with five different factions. It looks fine.

Vlambeer is releasing a string of games on Switch. Nuclear Throne is out today, Super Crate Box is coming next month, and Vlambeer Arcade will be released later this year. Vlambeer Arcade will contain Ultra Bugs at launch but will expand with other games in the future.

Okay, this is very cool. Stranger Things season three is getting turned into a retro-styled isometric game. It will launch on July 3rd, same day as the new series.

One final game for this stream. It's a Zelda-themed Crypt of the Necrodancer! Fuck, that's cool. It's called Cadence of Hyrule and you can play as Zelda and Link in a new set of levels, this time using remixes of the music from the Zelda games. That's bumped to the top of the list of games I'm most looking forward to on Switch.

Cripes, that was a lot of games. Which of them stood out to you? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.

Julian Benson

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