​Combat In ‘Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order’ Is Inspired By Zelda

While Respawn Entertainment is keeping details of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order firmly clutched to its Padawan robes, the studio is setting expectations around combat.

For a start, any rumours that it's a Dark Souls with lightsabers need to be put to bed, this is a game which has combat more inspired by Zelda and Metroid than From Software's melee.

"I love the Souls games," Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order's director Stig Asmussen told Press Start. "You're not going to be able to make a melee action game without having a little bit of influence from the other games. DMC is really cool. God of War's awesome, but [...] we don't want to have something that's super punishing. There's a lot of people that are going to want to play this game, and as much as I like those games. Players have to be able to just pick it up."

That's not to say that the combat will be simple and by the numbers. Asmussen goes on to say "there's a layer of depth within the combat, and how you use the Force powers to take down enemies more efficiently. As you grow, those that are keen, will recognize that there's different things that, maybe tells that enemies give, that allow you to open them up, and take them down a little bit faster."

In Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order you play a force adept on the run from the Empire
In Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order you play a force adept on the run from the Empire

This is tied to Respawn's more open influences. "You really have to understand not only the enemy that you're going up against, but the group of enemies, and they each have their own strengths, and they each have their own weaknesses," he says. "You have to figure out what tools that you have in your skill set to best take them down.

"If you look at a game like Zelda Wind Waker, as you get different abilities, each enemy is crafted in a certain way, or even Metroid, the enemies are crafted in a certain way that once you upgrade, you can think about how you're going to approach them differently, and maybe they aren't as big a challenge as they were at one point."

I'm a little concerned that Asmussen wouldn't answer if your force powers would be available to you at all times. In the old Jedi Knight games part of the fun was that you had a spread of force powers that were always usable in combat, so you were free to choose how you wanted to play. You could be duelling with an enemy with a lightsaber and then hit them with a surprise force push that would fling them over the side of a ledge. But, it sounds like the powers in Jedi Fallen Order may only be available to you at certain points.

In Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order you're being hunted by the Second Sister
In Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order you're being hunted by the Second Sister

However, considering this is a singleplayer game from the makers of Titanfall 2's campaign, I'm excited to see what system the team has come up with.

Hopefully we'll learn more about Jedi Fallen Order soon - although, EA has said it's not going to have a conference at E3, so it might be a while until we hear more.

What force power do you hope makes it into Jedi Fallen Order? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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