​‘Detective Pikachu’ Review Roundup - Ryan Reynolds Is “Worth Every Penny”

Detective Pikachu may not be out in the UK until May 10, but critics have already started posting their reviews of the film. Opinions are across the spectrum, with some reviewers (though, it has to be said, largely gaming sites) liking the film, and others just bouncing off it. For instance, Mark Kennedy of the Associated Press recommends the film should be called "Pokémon Don't Go".

The film is about Justice Smith, a failed Pokémon trainer called Tim, partnering up with Detective Pikachu, voiced by Ryan Reynolds, to track down Tim's missing father. In a world where most humans can only hear Pokémon speaking their own name, Tim and Pikachu have a special connection, allowing them to talk normally.

You can check it out in the trailer below:

The warmest reviews come from IGN and The Verge, with IGN saying "While video game movies haven't had the best track record, this movie is by far the best example of how to do one right" and The Verge writing "it's a chance for Pokémon diehards to spend two hours inside a universe many of us have invested years in." While The Verge doesn't attach a score to its review, IGN gives Detective Pikachu a solid 8/10.

The Guardian, Total Film, and Entertainment Weekly all give the film varying versions of 6/10. The Guardian praises Ryan Reynolds, saying "Without Reynolds this would be pretty run-of-the-mill; with him it's a perfectly acceptable family movie. [...] He takes what could have been a generic conceit by the scruff of the neck and gives it the requisite jolt of energy - electrical, caffeine-derived or otherwise. He's worth every penny."

Total Film echoes that sentiment, writing "you don't need to be a detective to spot the film's greatest asset. Indeed, from the second he appears, Detective Pikachu is Reynolds' to command, his every wisecrack, protestation and throwaway aside generating a smile, a chuckle or a guffaw."

Entertainment Weekly nod to Reynolds' performance but also say "the main problem is that the film's gumball-mayhem plot is so frenetic that it's impossible to determine if it makes a lick of sense."

From there though the reviews take a more negative turn. Variety says that Justice Smith and Ryan Reynolds have no "chemistry", TheWrap says that "this film scores low on wit, coherence, and engagement", and Uproxx's reviewer writes that "I was trying to force myself to like it, until I just gave up".

Call me a sucker for punishment but I'm still going to go, even if it is just to see more Mr. Mime jokes because it turns out that's something I have all the time in the world for.

How about you? Will you be going to see Detective Pikachu? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Brothers

Julian Benson

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