​During Ramadan Ninja Is Turning His Camera Off While Eating

In an effort to help his Muslim viewers who are fasting during Ramadan, Twitch streamer Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins is switching off his camera while he eats. He made the pledge three days ago after Muslim commenters pointed out it was Ramadan and he has held to it so far.

Many Muslim's observe a sunrise to sunset fast each year as part of the festival of Ramadan, which this year runs from May 6 to June 3. Which is also when the days start getting significantly longer, so it's quite the undertaking.

Professional streamers often broadcast for long periods every day and will casually eat and drink through their streams. Ninja was doing just that on the 9th when a commenter in chat said "Bruh, I'm fasting". Without missing a beat, Ninja flicked off his face camera, cutting the feed to it was only showing footage of Fortnite, and said "Sorry to the people who are doing Ramadan. I'll make sure to hide my screen when I eat for the rest of Ramadan."

This is something he's stuck to it so far.

As Kotaku points out, in a recent stream with Dennis 'Faze Cloak' Lepore and Benjamin 'DrLupo' Lupo he was asked what he was eating and he said "Don't want to talk about it. Dude, Ramadan is going on right now. I don't want to talk about food. It's why I'm hiding my cam."

It's nice to see Ninja's simple accommodation for his viewers. Ramadan can be an isolating time for Muslims because food and drink features in so much social activity, it can often be easier to duck out of those activities than abstain while everyone around you is eating. I once spent a month fasting and I couldn't stop staring at people's food towards the end, I was just so hungry. So I can imagine to also find an escape like watching game streams features food could be frustrating. Ninja's recognised there is a way he can make his streams inclusive with one small change through the fast.

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Julian Benson

Senior journalist at GAMINGbible. Former deputy editor of PCGamesN and news editor of Kotaku UK. Written for Eurogamer, PC Gamer, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Wired, and GamesMaster. Author of 'Rags, Bones and Tea Leaves'. Contact: [email protected]

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