​First Image of ‘Command & Conquer Remastered’ Gets The Nod From Me

Last year during E3, EA announced a new Command & Conquer but it wasn't going to be much like the original series, instead it was a stripped-back mobile game. Naturally, it did little to excite C&C fans, so, shortly after the conference, EA revealed that a small team was working on a full 4k remaster of the original 1995 real-time strategy game.

Work on the remaster is coming along well, according to EA producer Jim Vessella. "We are approaching the conclusion of our pre-production phase," he said in a post on Reddit. "During March we delivered our first playable campaign mission (GDI Mission 1), which included multiple samples of the remastered art running at 4k. This was accompanied by a more complete Visual Target image, which helps the dev team align around our goals for the artistic fidelity. We are now in the middle of getting Multiplayer up and running for the first time, along with dozens of art assets iterating towards their finalized look."

The team is ready to show off the first bit of remastered art, the old construction yard made new:

It's all shiny and new
It's all shiny and new

To get a sense of how it's come along, this is what it used to look like:

It's hard to believe it was ever so blurry
It's hard to believe it was ever so blurry

"Our primary goal with the visual approach is to maintain the authenticity of the original in-game asset," Vessella explains. "It's worth calling out that if there's a conflict between the in-game asset, cinematic asset, or UI portrait, we're always going to side with the in-game asset. That being said, if there are opportunities to pull in details from the cinematic footage to enhance an asset, we'll do our best to incorporate those details. A good example here would be the blue pattern / texturing on the Con Yard door (Inspired by the classic Con Yard unpacking cinematic)."

I'm genuinely hugely excited to replay the GDI and NOD campaigns. The Command & Conquer games were so much my jam back when they first game out in the '90s and it feels like a long time since the real-time strategy genre's heyday.

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Featured Image Credit: EA

Julian Benson

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