‘Fortnite’ Will Introduce A Third Gameplay Mode, Creative, *Very* Soon

With 200 million players and rising, Fortnite is the kind of phenomenon that the games world so rarely sees. And now Epic's runaway hit - which already has two gameplay modes, Save the World and the incredibly popular Battle Royale - is to add a third way to play.

Creative mode builds on the foundations laid by Fortnite's Playground mode, where building and experimenting is the name of the game, and resources are plentiful. It was, apparently, supposed to be revealed at The Game Awards, which are held on 6 December in Los Angeles and have promised a wealth of new game reveals. But you know video games - they're ever so, ever so leaky.

As Eurogamer reports, Creative mode will enable Fortnite players to arrange a number of pre-constructed assets onto the map, to form obstacle courses, forts, out-of-town shopping villages, whatever takes your fancy (and works best with your imagination). You'll then be able to use your map in a free-roam or Deathmatch situation, safe in the knowledge that however destroyed everything gets, you can revert to a previous, perfectly formed saved version.

Unlike Playground mode, then, what you make in Creative stays made. Unless you want to blow the whole thing up, of course. It's your world - do what you like. But think of the llamas, won't you?

The leak - which came via Fortnite-favouring YouTuber Lachlan - states that Creative mode will be launched the day of The Game Awards - or the day after, depending on where you are in the world.

Sounds legit to us. It's known that Lachlan had early access to the mode, so it stands to reason that he's just got a little over-excited and published his video (now removed) about Creative mode ahead of the embargo. I mean, we *all* do it.

(We don't. We really, really don't all do it. Please, stop breaking embargoes, people. Cheers.)

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games

Mike Diver

Head of Content at GAMINGbible.

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