​‘Fortnite’ Season 9 Has Launched And Tilted Towers Is Now Neo Tilted

Another day another major Fortnite update, though this time it's the launch of Fortnite Season 9. After last week's volcanic eruption significant parts of the map have completely changed. Tilted Towers, for instance, long-rumoured to be about to be destroyed finally was knocked flat - although it didn't stay in the grave long, it is now back as Neo Tilted. In fact, a lot of the map has been given a futuristic facelift.

(Anyone else think it's kind of messed up that not only is Peely turned into a drink but its skin is turned into a cape?)

Wandering the streets of Tilted Towers it's clearly a place that's been influenced by the likes of Akira - though, if Epic could add his motorbike that would be grand.

The biggest makeover is Retail Row. It's now become Mega Mall, a giant building you can enter and explore, browsing the shops in between slaughtering your enemies.

There are also new locations like Peely's Banana Stand and the Nugget Hut. I'd guess that there is money to be found if you break down the banana stand, but that's just an Arrested Development-inspired guess.

The volcano hasn't disappeared from the map, instead it's now a named location called Pressure Plant. This presumably geothermal power plant is energising the whole island, and it will be interesting to see how that plays into future updates.

Along with the redesigned map, there are new systems to play with, like the Slipstreams. These tunnels of fast air can carry you like a conveyor belt through the environment, but if you run with the flow then you will build up your velocity, letting you fling yourself about the map. You can can also jump onto Air vents to be boosted across the map, and there's no fall damage when you land.

Oh, and there are mechanised pets.

Naturally, there's a new battle pass along with Season 9. Buying into it will let you unlock a tonne of skins and extras. Some of which are on show in the trailer above.

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Featured Image Credit: Epic Games

Julian Benson

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