‘God Of War’ Sequel Might Have Been Teased In Director’s Tweet

So this is... This is a reach, probably. But look: we're all here for a God of War sequel, right? 2018's PlayStation exclusive was a modern classic of action-adventure gaming, so whenever any whispers emerge of a follow-up to Kratos' axe-tossing quest to [wait, do we need to redact this story beat for spoilers still... okay], we're on them.

Back in April - on the 21st, to be precise - God of War director Cory Barlog kicked off a Twitter thread that seemed pretty innocuous. "Reminiscing about how crazy the last 6 yrs has been so I thought I would create a GOW BTS THREAD of photos + thoughts," he wrote in his starter tweet - and he wasn't lying.

But now Reddit has done its thing, with user /kayfriso making quite the discovery, regarding Barlog's thread. Y'see, if you take the first letter of every new sentence in Barlog's thread, something magic happens: it spells "Ragnarok Is Coming".

Now that, as many of you will know, is basically the world-ending apocalypse event of Norse mythology, where gods die, and lands the world over are destroyed. It's a sort of hard reset for Earth, after which we can all start over, learning from the various mistakes that led us to such an event.

And "Ragnarok Is Coming" is a message that's been previously teased in regard to God of War - it featured in a dynamic theme based on the game, back in April, around the same time Barlog started his thread. There, it was etched onto the side of a boat. Which was sort of like Twitter, back in those old days of Norse mythology, probably.

God of War
God of War

Now, this could all be a coincidence, that leads to nothing whatsoever? Or: it could mean that there's an announcement concerning a God of War sequel on the way. Will it be during E3, without Sony having a presence at the annual industry event? Probably not - but we'll be watching Barlog's social media with a greater focus on its smaller details, from now on.

Just how badly do you want a God of War sequel, though? Is this just a great way to drag attentions away from all things Xbox, during E3? Let us know - we're on Twitter and Facebook, and we're now live on Snapchat Discover, too.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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