​‘John Wick Hex’ Is A Turn-Based Reimagining Of The Action Films

John Wick is being turned into a video game by Mike Bithell's studio. Yes, the maker of Thomas Was Alone. The game about colourful blocks becoming friends. Though, while making friends may be a part of John Wick Hex, from the trailer we can see it has all the gun fu action we can expect from a game based on the Keanu Reeves films.

Maybe it's chess that should have been more like an action movie all these years
Maybe it's chess that should have been more like an action movie all these years

Still John Wick Hex has an unusual take on the films. It's a turn-based action game in which you guide Wick through combat by controlling exactly how he disarms and incapacitates his enemies. Each turn you're given a small window of time to guide Wick and dictate his actions, before you then see him play out the moves in real time. It looks a little like the melee scenes in the Sherlock Holmes films, where Robert Downey Jr would narrate what he planned to do over a slow motion break down of the sequence before he would then perform those actions almost too fast for the eye to follow.

Described in the press release announcing John Wick Hex as "fight-choreographed chess" you'll have to guide Wick through environments flush with enemies armed to the teeth with guns and melee weapons, saying when he should dodge, duck, disarm, and deck his opponents. It's a clever choice of design because it puts you into the strategic mind of John Wick, showing how he is always thinking his way through a battle:

While John Wick Hex is being released in the wake of the new film, it will follow a new story created for the game. As you progress through the story you'll unlock new weapons, suit options, and locations, with the new gear presenting new tactical options and challenges.

The game it most reminds me of is Frozen Synapse. A turn-based take on Counter-Strike, with you having a extremely granular control of how your soldiers would move and act. You would play in small windows of time, saying where you wanted your virtual troops to move, which way you wanted them to be facing as they moved, and if they should be crouched or standing. All of this worked together to make a very tactical game, where every choice you made would lead to success or failure, with nothing left up to the odds.

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Featured Image Credit: Good Shepherd Entertainment

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