​‘Knights Of The Old Republic 3’ Was Going To Be About Hunting Sith Lords

While we never got to see Knights of the Old Republic 3, Obsidian did try to make it happen. The studio had plotted out where it wanted to take the third game, and how it would have capped off the trilogy of Star Wars RPGs. Unfortunately, internal politics got in the way of the game being made.

If you don't want any spoilers for Knights of the Old Republic 2 then skip the next paragraph.

The second game ends with you either defeating Darth Traya and going in search of Revan, the Sith-turned-Jedi you played in the first game, or taking over from Darth Traya as the new Dark Lord of the Sith on Malachor V. The third game would have assumed you had gone in search of Revan.

The fact that we could have had a Knights of the Old Republic 3 makes me want to force choke something
The fact that we could have had a Knights of the Old Republic 3 makes me want to force choke something

"The third game involved you, as a player character, following where Revan went and then taking the battle to the really ancient Sith lords who are far more terrifying than the Darths that show up," lead designer of Knights of the Old Republic 2 Chris Avellone told VG247.

"These guys would just be monsters," Avellone continued. "These would have a level of power that was considerable, but at the same time you'd be able to dig more into their psychologies, and their personalities, their history, and even how they dealt with the player, how they talk with the player, the different powers they cultivated and developed, and for some of them like - they're the ancients, so they're not just ruling a solar system, [but] swathes of the galaxy."

Rather than finding Sith hiding out on a world, you would be in their territory, visiting planets that they owned entirely. You would get to learn about about the Sith Lord occupying a planet by the way they treated the population they ruled over.

Apparently Bioware pitched LucasArts multiple times on the project but the game was always turned down. Avellone speculates this might have been because an internal team at LucasArts wanted to make it, instead of letting an outside studio complete the trilogy.

But, whatever the reason, it never happened and we were left with the two great games that were released and the story of Revan unfinished.

At least we have another singleplayer Star Wars game to look forward to, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order:

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