​‘Mordhau’ Players Are Using A Bot To Play Lutes In Battle

With the help of a bot, there is a growing number of players in Mordhau who are ignoring the battle to play music to their allies and enemies. It's a dangerous pastime though, with players often just killing the musicians rather than listen to them rock out on the lute.

Mordhau is the latest indie game to race up the Steam charts. It's a medieval team deathmatch game that has two teams carving each other up with swords, axes, and crossbows. Part of the game's charm is its janky physics, that see dead bodies ragdoll through the air, and talented (or lucky) players able to knock projectiles out of the air.

However, one of the less-used weapons is the lute, the medieval guitar that players can strum out notes on (with some difficulty). Until recently it was just a joke weapon... okay, it still is a joke weapon, but with the help of the Mordhau Lute Bot players can autoplay midi tracks on the simple guitar.

This bot has led to a wave of Mordhau players dropping their weapons to play music to each other instead and the result is wonderful. Here, for instance, is a player called the Lute God ignoring the battle around them to play sweet sweet music:

More than that, the subreddit has been taken over with memes celebrating the musicians:

Of course, not everyone is leaving the musicians in peace.

You can find instructions on setting up the Mordhau Lute Bot pinned on the game's forums. And if you're playing then you should give at least one game as a bard a go.

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Featured Image Credit: Triterniun

Julian Benson

Senior journalist at GAMINGbible. Former deputy editor of PCGamesN and news editor of Kotaku UK. Written for Eurogamer, PC Gamer, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Wired, and GamesMaster. Author of 'Rags, Bones and Tea Leaves'. Contact: [email protected]

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