​More Than £1m Has Been Pledged To A ‘Mass Effect’-Like Sex Game

Mass Effect already had a rep for being a little raunchy. Remember when everyone was getting thirsty for Garrus? Well, while the romancing was hot and heavy in Mass Effect, developer Bioware would always fade to black when things got a little too explicit in the bedroom. That won't be the case in Subverse, a game from FOW Interactive. It's a full-on sexing-in-space simulator.

Okay, simulator might be over-egging it. FOW describes the game as one in which you "Explore a wacky galaxy full of hot alien babes in this kinky new Sci-Fi RPG mashup". The project is seeking donations on Kickstarter and has already raised over £1 million.

In Subverse you play the captain of the Mary Celeste, crewed by "the sexiest and deadliest waifus you can recruit". You take your ship into the Prodigum Galaxy, a place full of buttoned up puritanical types, and lead a sex revolution against them.

Mechanically, it does sound like a interesting game. You lead covert operations against the enemy, amass experience and loot, which you can use to upgrade your crew and you ship, and all the while you're learning about the backstories of your crew... before boning them.

Meet the crew of Subverse. Every one of them romance-able
Meet the crew of Subverse. Every one of them romance-able

Look, whether you're finding something to scratch your Mass Effect itch or other, er, itches, there's no judgement here. You can go read more about Subverse over on its Kickstarter page.

Are you going to be going under the covers in Subverse? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: FOW Interactive

Julian Benson

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