​‘Morrowind’ Mod Has You Battle A Sandwich With Legs

Morrowind was always the strangest game in the Elder Scrolls series. You would travel around its map on the back of giant beetles called Silt Striders, when leaving the opening town a wizard would fall out of the sky to his death having underestimated the strength of his newly created flying spell, the very world itself was like a fever dream. Well, the game may be 17 years old but it continues to get weirder thanks to modders. One new mod sees you trying to return a family axe to a naked Nord from a witch who is just a sandwich with legs.

"Imagine getting your typical quest from a naked nord to get his family's axe back from a witch, but the witch is actually a ham sandwich with legs," modder trainwiz writes in the Witch of Sands mod description. "Anyway this is what I made at 3AM this morning."

The description is brief but is itself a piece of art. As far as character development goes, trainwiz has thought through the Witch of Sands' motivations: "It doesn't talk or react to you because it's literally a sandwich."

The biggest question is what sort of sandwich is it
The biggest question is what sort of sandwich is it

As far as features go, here they are:


-A new quest

-A sandwich

-The sandwich has legs


After you install the mod, you need to head to the Samarys Ancestral Tomb North of Seyda Neen to find either or the naked Nord or the Witch of Sands, apparently either of the characters will start the quest off.

Trainwiz doesn't just make sandwich-based mods (more's the pity) but you can find their other work, which includes massive multi-quest mods, and interesting tech tests like the Racer Recursion mod over on Nexus Mods. In the Racer Recursion mod, the Cliffracer mobs will spawn two more whenever one days, leading to a swarm of the creatures pouring forth over the world.

Have you ever dealt with someone who was half sandwich, half person, all witch? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: Zenimax Media

Julian Benson

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