​New ‘Death Stranding’ Screens Show Norman Reedus Taking A Breather

With Death Stranding out later this year, we're eagerly hoovering up any details about Kojima's next game. What's with the babies? Why are the whale's dead? Is that Norman Reedus looking like he's about to vom after a big run? Well, I can only answer that last one. Thanks to some screenshots shared by Kojima himself, we can see Norman Reedus' character recovering after the action and, in one image, look like he's about to lose his lunch.

I've never been sick on a run myself, but I did once projectile vomit in a spinning class. To make matters worse, it was the instructor's first day on the job so they really had to step up when they saw a sweating whale of a man start spraying vomit over his classroom floor. So, I am basically Norman Reedus is what I'm getting at.

The image doesn't show if you can push Reedus all the way to expulsion, but it does reveal that you'll need to rest up after exerting yourself. In other images you can see Reedus sat down to take a breather and in another there's a prompt to sleep written in Japanese.

You can see the images for yourself below:

Sometimes you just need a quiet sit down
Sometimes you just need a quiet sit down

Take in the world, Norman. Take it in
Take in the world, Norman. Take it in

The third image doesn't reveal any new mechanics but just check out that desolate wasteland. The environment looks simply beautiful:

Lovely, lovely desolation
Lovely, lovely desolation

I can't wait for November 8, when we can finally play this game for ourselves and work out what the hell it's all about. Kojima's said over the years that he was aiming for a smaller experience than Metal Gear Solid V, and while the trailers have suggested quite a grand game, I'm hoping for something a little like Ground Zeroes. That was a small sandbox but one that allowed for loads of replayability. It was a really rich experience that didn't overstay its welcome and told its story without feeling like it was cut short.

Did you see the demake of Death Stranding where someone showed off how the game might look if it had been made for the original PlayStation?

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Featured Image Credit: Kojima Productions

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