​Nintendo Is 'Very Aware' Fans Want Backwards Compatibility

With Microsoft announcing that all previous Xbox games will be playable on the next Xbox and Sony confirming that at least PlayStation 4 games will be playable on the next PlayStation, there's clearly been an acknowledgement of players wanting to play their old games even when they get a new console. That is, except for Nintendo. While some NES games are available through the Nintendo Switch Online service, the bulk of old Nintendo games are inaccessible on new consoles. Nintendo is well aware of the growing demand for their old games, though.

"We are very aware that many of our consumers have been asking for a way to play older titles like this," Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said in a recent Q&A with shareholders.

Would you like to replay the Zelda classic on the Nintendo Switch
Would you like to replay the Zelda classic on the Nintendo Switch

Furukawa said "We cannot provide any new information about how or in what form software developed for past platforms will be delivered to consumers in the future," before saying that the Online service allowed limited access to the publisher's back catalogue. But he did also say that the online service is "just one of a variety of forms in which consumers could play past titles" and that the company would "like to deliver them in some form".

In another answer about the subscription models being rolled out by other companies, Furakawa acknowledged of the Nintendo Switch Online service that "[Nintendo] need to further enrich these sorts of services in the future." Though, he also said " Nintendo's policy is that we will consider whether each product we offer is suited to a subscription model as we expand our business in the future."

Maybe a Gamecube classic is more your sort of thing?
Maybe a Gamecube classic is more your sort of thing?

While the NES and SNES lend themselves to re-releases on Switch, you can start to see challenges when you get to the later consoles, not because of the technical demands of emulating the games on Switch - though, those can't be ignored - but because the controllers vary so completely from another. The PlayStation and Xbox have both used largely the same style of controller throughout their lives, but every generation of Nintendo - bar the Wii and Wii U - has used radically different controllers. Is there a solution beyond re-releasing versions of the old controllers to work with the Switch?

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