​Nintendo’s Budget Switch Might Not Be Able To Dock With A TV

Earlier this week the Wall Street Journal reported that Nintendo was working on two new versions of the Switch. One would be a pro model, aimed at gamers who wanted an enhanced experience. The other would be a budget model that would remove features to bring down the price. The original report only mentioned controller vibration being removed, but Eurogamer's sources suggest it might be more extreme than that.

According to Eurogamer's sources, the budget Switch would be aimed at an audience who only used the console in handheld mode. As such it wouldn't be able to dock or connect to a television screen.

Instead, the device would be more in line with the 2DS handheld console that was released after the 3DS. The 2DS came in a chunkier, more robust design that made it suitable for young children, it was also significantly cheaper, thanks to the lack of 3D tech. When it launched in the US, the 2DS was $129.99, $40 less than the standard 3DS, and that eventually slipped to just $79.99.

The Nintendo 2DS stripped out features but massively reduced the price of the handheld
The Nintendo 2DS stripped out features but massively reduced the price of the handheld

Eurogamer's sources also said that the enhanced Switch would be more powerful than the originally shipped Switch, but it would be in line with the jump from 3DS to New 3DS, so a more powerful processor but not a giant leap in capability.

With the Nintendo Switch retailing at £279.99, there's a lot of room for a cut-price version of the console opening up the machine to more gamers. Particularly if it dropped the dock, which retails for £79.99 alone. Granted, Nintendo is making a profit on those so losing the dock doesn't immediately make the console £80 cheaper, but you can see there is room for a significant price cut for a handheld-only Switch.

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Julian Benson

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