One Player Hunts The Rest In Multiplayer Game 'Predator: Hunting Ground'

Last night might have seen the re-reveal of the Final Fantasy VII Remake and a chunk of MediEvil gameplay, but, for me, the highlight is the newly announced Predator: Hunting Ground. It's an asymmetric multiplayer game that sees some players playing as soldiers and one player playing as a Predator hunting them. It looks like a brilliant take on the film.

You can see it in action in the reveal trailer below:

Predator: Hunting Ground is being made by Illfonic, the maker of the Friday the 13th: The Game. You can see how that game has informed this new one, as in Friday seven players played as teenagers trying to escape the summer camp while being hunted by one player playing as Jason Voorhees.

One aspect of Predator: Hunting Ground that doesn't come across in the trailer is that the people playing as soldiers aren't in the jungle explicitly to hunt the Predator. The Fireteam is there to carry out paramilitary missions, killing NPCs and recovering intel. So there's going to be an interesting push and pull to each match, where the Fireteam is racing through the jungle to complete its mission before the Predator player can pick them off.

The Fireteam can't focus on the Predator, it has a job to do
The Fireteam can't focus on the Predator, it has a job to do

We've seen other games step around these ideas before but this is the first time I've seen them all be combined. Turtle Rock's Evolve was a 4 v 1 multiplayer game, where one player was a tough monster that the other players were hunting. And in Titanfall's multiplayer, human players were bulked out by computer controlled soldiers. Their presence really filled out multiplayer games, making you feel like you were part of a much larger battle than the 6 v 6 game. But having an asymmetric game where the two teams have different objectives and there are AI actors also alive and active in a level could make for a really interesting game.

Predator: Hunting Ground isn't out until next year but I'm going to be eagerly following updates.

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Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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