​Bethesda Removes 'Fallout 76' Bug, But Players Beg For It Back

Fallout 76 was destined to be a work in progress from the start, with Bethesda devs promising to commit their time and effort to constantly improving and maintaining the online-only RPG months before it launched.

That meant glitches, bugs, and other in-game hindrances would be ironed out as they were discovered. Maybe even new content added. But with Bethesda's latest 76 update, a seemingly unknown, yet popular, 'Feed the People' reward was removed.

"BUT WHY?" called out multiple Fallout 76 players in disbelief, unaware that the full server reward system from the repeatable event is nothing more than a bug.

For those who haven't seen 'Feed the People' for themselves, it's a random event that spawns at Mama Dolce's Food Processing. It requires you to collect beef stocks, diced vegetable mixes and meat-flavoured soy chunks, before activating machinery and fuse boxes, and defending control consoles from multiple waves of enemies.

It's a typical fetch and protect-style mission - slightly boring, but it gives out a decent prize. Upon completion, a canned meat stew was awarded to all players within your server. Improving everyone's chances of survival.

It was a nice change from most quests; a rare occurrence where your actions could positively affect the whole game, and the people in it. So when Bethesda took it out - because it's a damn mistake, the reward should only go to your squad - players hit the Vault roof.

"Unfix the 'Feed the People' event" is currently one of the top posts on the Fallout 76 subreddit. "That isn't feeding the people!" its creator, nulldesuka, exclaims. "In all honesty though I kinda liked the mechanic of giving everyone else an xp buff."

Infinite_Worm said 'Feed the People' is "exactly the kind of community-based quest I would like to see more of." So "please don't change it," they continued. "In fact, please add more like it." This comment sparked the imagination of subredditers in the comments. NerdyBernie thought of a 'Defend the Hospital' idea, which, similar to 'Feed the People', rewards all on the server with chems once completed [via Eurogamer].

Imagine fighting a Scorchbeast with your buddies, all of you on the brink of death, but someone, somewhere in Appalachia, completes this event, and your health bar is consequently raised? Scenes. Take note, Bethesda. Or just bring it the original bug back...

What do you think about this news? Have you witnessed 'Feed the People'? Did you know this was a bug? Should it stay? Let us know.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

Matthew McGladdery

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