Remedy’s Ace-Looking Single-Player Shooter ‘Control’ Will Release This Summer

As revealed by Game Informer, Remedy's forthcoming single-player action title, Control, is to release this summer. Which is... A lot sooner than I was expecting. A welcome surprise, and no mistake.

Only publicly revealed at E3 2018, Control sees the player assume the role of Jesse Faden, a character possessing supernatural powers. She goes looking for the reason why she has these abilities at the Federal Bureau of Control, a US government agency that deals with all things weird and not necessarily wonderful. Unfortunately, said agency's New York HQ, the Oldest House, has been taken over by a mysterious power by the name of the Hiss. And the Hiss is pissed that Jesse has shown up. Cue: much shooting, much action, and more.

A strictly single-player third-person affair, Control is Remedy Entertainment's first game since the Finnish studio's 2016 Microsoft-exclusive game-and-TV-show, Quantum Break. And looking at the footage we've seen of Control, the games seem to share some superhero-y DNA. But unlike Quantum Break, the 505 Games-published Control will be made available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Game Informer, which features Control on the cover of its April magazine, also has a run down of the kind of powers Jesse has available to her. Regarding the game's connection to Quantum Break, Control's director Mikael Kasurinen explains:

"In [Control], we actually have a supernatural hero who has abilities. Sure, in Quantum Break, we had similar ideas, but I think here we're really embracing that through the different attacks you can do. That was a conscious decision from the get-go: let's embrace that you have supernatural powers, and go as far as we can with them."


Game Informer outlines a wide range of these powers. Amongst these is the ability to tear parts of the environment apart with her mind, and levitation, allowing Jesse to reach higher parts of the Oldest House that'd be out of reach to regular, stairs-climbing sorts. Jesse will learn new powers by testing them in the Astral Plane, which acts as a kind of tutorial area for each ability.

Kasurinen answered a series of rapid-fire questions from Game Informer's Leo Vader, too, revealing that Jesse may well be revealed to be a baddie by the game's end (pinch of salt, with that one), Finnish public transport is decent, liquorice is delicious (oh boy, it's so not), and that the Oldest House is called the Oldest House because it's really old. Like, d'uh.

Excited for Control? Remedy has a good record with This Kind Of Game, from Max Payne to Quantum Break via Alan Wake, so yeah, you can count us in. But will you be playing through the Oldest House this summer? Let us know - we're on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment/505 Games

Mike Diver

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