The Creator Of 'Left 4 Dead’ Is Making A New Zombie Co-op Shooter

Left 4 Dead maker Turtle Rock has announced an, er, co-op zombie shooter, actually. The studio says in its announcement post that Back 4 Blood will marry "the best of what made the co-op zombie shooter so successful with new features and state-of-the-art technology".

Turtle Rock worked with Valve to make Left 4 Dead and its sequel, but for Back 4 Blood the studio is partnering with Warner Bros.

Details of the sequel are extremely limited. The FAQ on Turtle Rock's site confirms it is in development for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Though it teasingly hints that "more possibilities are out of the question". That could mean a Switch release, or even a cheeky nod to next-gen consoles.

The FAQ also confirms that it will not be a free-to-play game, instead carrying a premium price tag. However, microtransactions aren't ruled out. "We'll figure out the post-launch stuff later, but if we do have paid post-launch content, like microtransactions, we want to do something that the community feels good about," Turtle Rock states.

This may smack of caution, but remember it's the studio that made Evolve, a game that was heavily criticised by players for the amount of post-launch content released for the 4v1 multiplayer game. At launch, Evolve had 44 pieces of DLC on sale, and that only increased in the months following release.


Turtle Rock also makes clear in the FAQ that Back 4 Blood is a separate release from the Left 4 Dead series. It's a somewhat complicated story, but part way into the development of the first Left 4 Dead, Valve acquired Turtle Rock, forming a new studio, Valve South, in 2008. The team worked on Left 4 Dead 2 as part of Valve, but in 2011 the studio was re-founded and separated from Valve, leaving the IP behind. Similarly, the IP for Evolve remains with EA.

There have been rumours about a possible Left 4 Dead 3 for years now, often tied to rumours of a new engine release from Valve, although none of this has been publicly confirmed.

Turtle Rock has no word on a release date. It does confirm that there will be PvP and a campaign, and it won't be a battle royale. (Which, c'mon, could be pretty great. Who doesn't want to airdrop into a zombie-infested city?)

Personally, with Valve saying nothing about Left 4 Dead 3, I'm thrilled Turtle Rock is taking matters into its own hands. The Left 4 Dead games remain some of the best co-op shooters around and, while Vermintide scratches a similar itch, I prefer shooting the undead to those lovely Skaven rat boys.

Featured Image Credit: Turtle Rock

Julian Benson

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