The 'EVE Online' 10,000 Player Deathmach Is Designed To Break Its Servers

CCP is about to run a test that should, if all goes to plan, break EVE Online's servers. Not its day to day servers, mind, but test servers.

As EVE Online has grown, so too has its battles. More players turn up, bringing more ships, leading to bigger destruction. It's great for the game and pulls in a lot of publicity, but recently it's starting to test the game's technology to the limit. In January last year more than 6,000 players took part in a single battle and, because of technological issues, the plans of commanders went awry and the battle ended before it had properly started. A lot of people involved left disappointed.

For that reason, CCP has been working on a solution. The Icelandic developer has partnered with Hadean, a company that's made the Aether Engine - tech designed to lighten the load on a computer by spreading complex calculations across many different processors.

EVE copes with massive battles by slowing down time in a dilation bubble
EVE copes with massive battles by slowing down time in a dilation bubble

CCP and Hadean have been working together to bring that computational enhancement to EVE Online. However, before it can be implemented it has to be tested. And that means having a big ol' battle.

CCP has organised a 10,000 player battle to take place on the test server this week. "It's probably gonna epically crash and burn," CCP Games CEO Hilmar Pétursson told Polygon. "Maybe even put a hole in the earth when the servers flare up. But that's the point of it, because in order to pull off the impossible, you have to fail a few times."

If it works (though, it likely won't. At least not without a hitch), it will be a step towards a time when the whole of EVE Online will be moved across to new servers, better-suited for the ginormous space battles players want.

It's an exciting time to be a capsuleer in EVE.

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Featured Image Credit: CCP Games

Julian Benson

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