The First ‘Streets Of Rage 4’ Gameplay Footage Is Stone-Cold Blazing

Since its announcement in August 2018, this old-ass gamer has been BUZZING at the prospect of a fourth Streets of Rage game. I grew up on SEGA, and the Streets of Rage trilogy was just about the definitive brawler collection for the Mega Drive (blah blah, Genesis for our American readers, blah). And now, we have some beautiful footage of the new game in motion. Almost brings a tear to my dry eye. (Just one of them, mind, as ain't nobody got time for double-peeper-bawling.)

Streets of Rage 4 is being made (with the cooperation of SEGA, of course) at Paris-based studio Lizardcube - they produced the wonderful Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap remake in 2017 - alongside Guard Crush Games, with DotEmu publishing. So far, the initial reveal video and this gameplay clip have showcased two returning favourites from the series' past - Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding - but there's sure to be more, as those silhouettes at the end of the latest video suggest.

Uh, that Grand Uppercut outburst at 18 seconds in - my nostalgia buttons are pressed all at once. It's cool as hell to see juggling of enemies between Axel and Blaze, and the series' sole female protagonist is also packing some of her signature moves, as we see a Kikou Shou blast at 25 seconds in.

The music is also feeling right enough, for the series, based on what's heard here. There are shades of Yuzo Koshiro's fantastically ahead-of-their-time techno beats to proceedings, although so far as we know the composer isn't personally involved with SoR4. Back in August, he tweeted the fairly ambiguous message below, and we've had nothing confirmed since. He's not (yet) posted anything based on this new trailer.

Fans of the games would definitely love to see Koshiro - who also composed the music for Sonic's 8-bit debut and The Revenge of Shinobi (and sometimes plays his Streets of Rage music live - check out this amazing performance, if you have a spare hour and 17 minutes).

What we *don't* get in this gameplay trailer is a release date, but I'm hoping to be playing this bad boy - its destination platforms TBA, but The Dragon's Trap came to just about everything - in 2019. Are you excited to get raging again on those there dangerous streets? Would you love to see Max and Skate back for this one, or perhaps Dr Gilbert, or Adam? The kangaroo? Come on, now. Let us know your thoughts on this retro comeback, and what other old-school series you'd love to see revived, on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: Lizardcube / Guard Rush Games / DotEmu / SEGA

Mike Diver

Head of Content at GAMINGbible. Ex-editor of VICE Gaming and co-founder of Waypoint. Former writer/consultant for BBC's The Gaming Show. Former contributor to Edge, Eurogamer, Kotaku, PCGamesN, Official PlayStation Magazine, gamesTM. Author of 'Indie Games: The Complete Introduction to Indie Gaming' (2016) and 'How to Be a Professional Gamer' (2016). New book, 'Retro Gaming: A Byte-Sized History of Video Games', coming in 2019. Contact: [email protected]

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