The Weirdest Zelda Game, ‘Link’s Awakening’, Is Getting A Switch Remake

At the very end of yesterday's Nintendo Direct presentation, a classic some 26 years old got its time to shine once more. Fully remade in gorgeously cute visuals - and full colour, of course - The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening will make the leap from 1993's Game Boy library to the Nintendo Switch in 2019.

(Just a little note here that, a bit further down, there are some Link's Awakening spoilers. It's an old game, but, just in case, FYI!)

There's no more information on the new Link's Awakening's release date beyond 2019 - but I can already feel it being a fine Christmas game, for the end of the year. Long-time Zelda fans reacted incredibly positively to the reveal, with Twitter lighting up in support of the return of a much-loved entry in the RPG franchise.

For those who never played Link's Awakening back when it came out in its pocket-sized monochromatic glory - or slightly later, when the "DX" version released for the Game Boy Color in 1998 - it's a classic-styled top-down adventure, very much in the manner of the 1991 SNES game, A Link to the Past. Indeed, the game began as a port of that 16-bit hit, before developers at Nintendo EAD took it in a rather different, and more surreal, direction.

Which is to say: this is the Zelda game inspired by Twin Peaks. Spoiler alert! But the whole game takes place in a dream that Link is having, in a world removed from Hyrule, and features characters that look a lot like Mario, Luigi and Kirby (whose appearances were not officially authorised). A rather significant absence from the game is Princess Zelda herself, who doesn't show up at all. The slacker.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

When interviewed at GDC in 2004, long-time series producer Eiji Aonuma called Link's Awakening the "quintessential isometric Zelda", and the first game in the series with a clear plot. It's the first Zelda game to feature fishing as a mini-game, and on the Game Boy it made use of the handheld console's camera and printer peripherals - something that probably won't carry over to Switch in quite the same way.

All of that background aside, doesn't this look beautiful? Can't wait. Are you excited for the Switch version of Link's Awakening? Any other old-school Zeldas you'd love to see the complete remake treatment? Let us know, on Twitter and Facebook.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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