‘The Order: 1886’ Studio Ready At Dawn Are Making A New AAA Game

I'm just going to come out and say it: 2015's The Order: 1886 wasn't that bad. A PlayStation 4 exclusive, the linear action-adventure was roasted in some quarters for its short length, plot holes, sequences where the player didn't really do much, and generic shooter gameplay. Which... were all valid criticisms.

However! It also had an amazing atmosphere, delivering an engrossing depiction of an alt-history Victorian London. The game looked incredible - and still does, measured against today's best. And I was quite into the characters, based as they were on the Knights of the Round Table. Well, I say "based on"...

The Order: 1886
The Order: 1886

Anyway, it wasn't a total disaster, is what I'm saying - and even now, should you see it in a bargain bin, it's worth an afternoon of your time. And now its developer, Californian studio Ready At Dawn, is preparing itself for another AAA project - its first since The Order shipped.

"We're seeking talented/passionate people to push the boundaries of tech, gameplay, art and storytelling in game development," reads a recent tweet from the studio. "Let's make something rad!" it adds. Lots of respect for the use of "rad", there. And in bold, too.

Clicking through to the "Join the Team" link, we get a little bit more information on the upcoming project. It is, reads the Ready At Dawn website, "A new, third-person AAA action console title, based on a brand-new, original IP."

Not a sequel to The Order, then - a bit of a shame, given how that game ended (spoiler: bit of a cliffhanger), and the potential to do so much more with its story.

Ready At Dawn is also working on an expansion to its Echo series, for Oculus Rift. But I've not played that, so, no idea, sorry. The studio's previous credits include God of War: Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta for the PSP, and the Wii port of the timeless Okami. Nice.

Featured Image Credit: Ready At Dawn

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