​There’s A Mod That Turns ‘Borderlands’ Into a Third Person Shooter

If you prefer the out of body experience when it comes to shooters then you should install the Borderlands third-person mode mod. It pulls the camera back and holds it over your shoulder, instead of the original first-person perspective the game was designed for.

The mod actually looks to work surprisingly well, even doing neat things like switching to first-person view when you aim down your crosshairs. You can see ten minutes of it in action below:

The mod was made by LordEmil1 and you can find it over on Nexus Mods. It looks like a pretty easy install, too, but you'll need to follow the setup instructions closely to have it look right in the game. You can choose where the camera sits in relation to how far behind you it follows, how far above you, and whether it's directly behind you or slightly favours one side - so that might take some experimentation.

In many first-person games, your character model looks like an unfinished mess, missing things like their arms above the elbow or having no back to their body. This is what your character model looked like in Firewatch, for instance:

That's because if it's a single-player game, the game's developers know no one is ever going to see the character model beyond what you will see from your first-person perspective. However, because Borderlands can be played in co-op, Gearbox Software had to make sure your character model looked good from the outside, because other players could see you. We have that to thank for why Borderlands looks so good in third-person.

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Featured Image Credit: 2K Games

Julian Benson

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