​Day One DLC For 'Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019' Costs £774.02

If spending £49 on a train simulator wasn't enough, in order to unlock all Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 day one DLC, you're gonna have to cough up £774.02.

It's worth noting that players aren't forced to spend this, or any more money on top of the base game, to play Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019. However, no matter how stunning, detailed and loved the game may be, it doesn't make its catalogue of DLC any less absurd.

Users first spotted said DLC on the game's Steam page, which allows players to buy from a long list of virtual train goodies. Individual prices range from nothing (£0) to over £30, and you can purchase the whole lot, if you so wish.

If you've got £700 spare, why not buy some virtual trains? Credit: Valve
If you've got £700 spare, why not buy some virtual trains? Credit: Valve

I mean, it's no secret that people like trains - *flashes back to asdf* - and simulation games are immensely popular among train fans. Similar to my love of being a virtual cowboy, an angry dad dragging his son around, or an elite racing driver, I can understand why gamers enjoy titles focused on these hunks of metal. We all have our hobbies.

But to charge players this much to unlock everything, when there's going to be another game in a year's time, seems like quite the bold move. Then again, this is hardly the zeitgeist of microtransactions - remember Star Citizen's DLC shenanigans? You could buy £27,000 worth of add-ons, which makes Trainz seem like nothing. And if there's demand from customers who want to spend £3 to £700 on numerous modes of virtual public transport, freighters and what not, why not supply it?

For comparison's sake, you could say it's similar to, if not more beneficial than, Fortnite players spending endless amounts on character skins - that's a billion-dollar market at the mo. But at least each specific train performs different from the last, rather than being there to just look pretty, right?

And unlike the scourge of loot boxes, at least here you know which train you're buying. It's not a gamble at all. But still, I'm struggling to understand why this is all so expensive. Devs put tons of work into the game, that's clear to see. But some of this feels like it should be in the game anyway... Anyone else?

Maybe Trainz needs to take a leaf out of Forza Horizon 4's book: after you buy the game (or download it via Xbox Game Pass), over 450 unlockable vehicles are yours free of charge. Its developers, N3V Games, who are likely no where near as money-invested as Microsoft-owned Playground Games, may say otherwise. And that's fair.

To give them credit, they have been throwing around, somewhat unsurprisingly, 88% discounts. You can currently grab a bargain with Trainz A New Era Platinum Edition, on sale at just $39.99. That's a huge price slash - it was $327.00.

Am I'm totally missing something here, or are virtual trains a gold mine? There's only way to find out: full Steam ahead.

Make sure you let us know what you think about these price tags, and if you'd ever spend this amount of money on DLC.

Featured Image Credit: N3V Games

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