What Is The Perfect Length Of A Single-Player Video Game Campaign?

Devil May Cry 5's director Hideaki Itsuno, in a rare move for devs before the launch of an anticipated title, has revealed the length of the game's single-player campaign.

Speaking at a media showcase in South Korea, Capcom veteran Itsuno - who also directed Power Stone and the coming-to-Switch Dragon's Dogma, alongside his work on the Devil May Cry series - remarked that "the development team took about 15 to 16 hours to clear the game".

Now, you'd assume that the game's own devs know a trick or two, the best ways to get the most out of Devil May Cry 5's three protagonists, Dante, Nero and V. So it's fair to think that newcomers to the game, taking it on for the first time, would take longer - and those with no previous experience of the DMC games, a little longer still.

In the same interview, as translated by Gematsu, Itsuno added that there may be more playable characters added, post-release; that there are hidden bonus weapons in the game; and that he couldn't comment on the future of the series after Devil May Cry 5. Fair enough.

Itsuno's comments on Devil May Cry 5's length have drawn a little criticism from the usual array of social media complainers - apparently, 15 to 16 hours is simply too short for some gamers out there.

But as someone who's not exactly time rich these days, who only gets a couple of hours per week to sit in front of my PlayStation or Xbox, I look at that length and wince a little. Chances of me getting time to finish DMC5: slim, indeed. (And while I'm here, three cheers for the six hours of PlatinumGames' superb Vanquish. What a perfect rush, that is.)

Vanquish GIF
Vanquish GIF

I put the question to my Twitter followers. From over 200 votes, the runaway winner is a length of 8-12 hours (51%). Second is 12-20 (26%), and then come 4-8 (12%) and 20+ (11%). A decent sample size, there.

We all have different takes on what represents the ideal campaign length, then, for games like Devil May Cry 5: linear, single-player experiences that encourage replayability through their mechanics and scoring, but keep the story streamlined and the game world walled-in.

So, it's over to you. Head to our Facebook page to give us your thoughts. What is the perfect length for a single-player campaign, these days? For games like those in the Devil May Cry or Gears of War series - we're not talking RPGs, here. How long are we hoping that The Last of Us Part II comes in at? Me, I'd be happy with 12 hours. Much longer, and I'm going to be staying up real late to see it all.

Devil May Cry 5 is released for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 8 March.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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