​You Can Glitch Into Other Players’ Character Select Screen In ‘Mordhau’

There's a glorious jonkiness to Mordhau, the medieval hack and slash 'em up. Bodies rag doll uncontrollably, players learned they can hit projectiles out of the air with a well-timed sword swing, and one player even managed to hack the in-game lute to play midi files. But the latest discovery is by the best - players have found a way to escape the battlefield and enter other players' character select screen. And when they've got there the real trolling can begin.

In Mordhau, two teams battle each other in a team deathmatch mode. So, when you die, you can respawn in and continue fighting. However, before you respawn you have a chance to change your character. This happens on a menu with a nice 3D backdrop drawn from the map you're playing on. Only, it turns out this isn't in a separate part of the game, but it actually takes place in the multiplayer map - just in a place that's supposed to be unreachable to players who are in-game and fighting.

Naturally, once players discovered this, they started looking for a way to get to this part of the map. And now they've managed it.

As Polygon notes, there are specific instructions for making the jump out of bounds on Reddit, and so far players have only found a way to do this on one of the game's maps. But, still, it's a start, and long may the trolling continue.

The players that have reached the character select screen have been doing God's work, and using the lute bot exploit to serenade the players selecting their next character with Despacito:

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Featured Image Credit: Triternion

Julian Benson

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