New 5G Apple iPhone XS Max To Have Gigantic Screen, Says Ming-Chi Kuo

'Bigger is better' is a phrase most men like to avoid, but we're hearing this message loud and clear about the new Apple iPhone XS Max. Analyst Ming-Chi Huo, who has leaked Apple's latest plans in the past, has sent a note to investors about their upcoming releases and he's made a gigantic claim. Their flagship iPhone model, the XS Max will sport an enviable 6.7 inch OLED screen as well as supporting the 5G network.

It's one of two new Apple iPhone models set to be released in 2020 which supports the fifth generation of mobile networks - 5G mobile data. This means that it won't only be bigger, it'll be faster, more reliable and have lower response times too.

The newly released Apple iPhones at the Steve Jobs Theater in 2018. Credit: PA
The newly released Apple iPhones at the Steve Jobs Theater in 2018. Credit: PA

If reports are to be believed, this new model doesn't just dwarf the current iPhone XS, which sports a 5.8 inch screen, but it's .2 inches bigger than the current XS Max model too - every little counts.

You do have to wonder how it's going to fit in people's pockets, as those in women's jeans are only 5.5 inches deep.

It will put a smile on the faces of thousands of gamers across the globe though, as we've seen a huge increase of mobile games on the market and it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

Bethesda controversially showcased a number of mobile games recently at E3 2019 with other game publishers set to follow suit. Just imagine, you could be playing Fortnite on the bus to work, or FIFA on the train home. In fact, you'll never have to look up and interact with people face-to-face ever again.

Where screen size is concerned, size DOES matter. Credit: PA
Where screen size is concerned, size DOES matter. Credit: PA

Don't worry if you're feeling a little insecure though. As my mum used to tell me, precious things come in small packages, and that's supposedly true for the new standard iPhone. According to Ming-Chi Huo, Apple are planning on reducing the screen from 5.8 inches to 5.45 inches, making it a better fit for your pocket.

Apparently it'll come with 5G network support too so you can stream your favourite Netflix shows at super fast speeds without blocking out the sun from the rest of the room.

When it comes to the 2019 iPhone lineup, internal improvements look to be the biggest focus apart from the previously discussed square camera array in the back. Whether bigger is actually better when it comes to mobiles remains to be seen. Sure, they're better for gaming and watching your favourite shows, but there are negatives too. Not only might you struggle to fit bigger screens in your pocket, but those with dainty hands might find them uncomfortable to hold too.

The last thing you want to do is smash your new iPhone XS Max - especially when the current model comes in at a minimum of £999.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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