Google Earth: Mystery Of Plane In Middle Of Forest Revealed On Google Maps

There's something about hurtling through the air at hundreds of miles an hour in a metal tube that just doesn't seem safe. When you add cramped seats, turbulence and disgusting food to the mix it's easy to see why some people hate planes. However, there's a man in Oregon who just can't get enough of them. In fact, he bought himself a Boeing 727, put it in his garden and decided to live in it. It makes for some weird viewing on Google Earth.

The Plane Is Seen Near Oregon, USA on Google Earth. Credit: Google Earth
The Plane Is Seen Near Oregon, USA on Google Earth. Credit: Google Earth

Bruce Campbell bought the airplane for just $100,000 (approx. £79,564.60) which would probably buy you a bathroom and half a shed in London.

Apparently the wings make for a great deck and the cockpit is an excellent reading room. He's left most of the original instrumentation and controls intact for an authentic feel and even got the original bathrooms functioning again.

Unsurprisingly, many people have made the pilgrimage to the aircraft home, with over 174 stopping to leave a review on Google Maps.

This home really stands out from the rest. Credit:
This home really stands out from the rest. Credit:

Campbell told CNN "Sometimes I get visitors that really become juiced," which I think means happy in American and not off their face on drugs which incidentally would be horrific on a plane.

As you can imagine, placing a massive plane in a woodland wasn't a simple task. It's not like he could just land it there after all. Instead, he had to pay to move the plane from an airport to a staging site, then rent the staging site for four months, then he had to remove the wings and tail before moving the entire thing to his house. The whole process cost him an additional £66469.

If you want to find the plane yourself on Google Earth, here are the coordinates:

Lat, Long: 45.408062,-123.007863

The plane really gets people juiced up. Credit:
The plane really gets people juiced up. Credit:

Weirdly enough, a plane in the woods isn't the weirdest thing we've spotted on Google this month. There's been an angry man pointing a gun towards the camera, a lady almost exposing herself to the world and a house with such a dark past that Google Maps had to blur it out completely.

In other airplane news this week, a falling body of a Kenyan stowaway 'obliterated' on impact near a sunbather in London leaving a crater.

For all the latest weird and wonderful things on Google Earth, stay tuned to LADbible.

Featured Image Credit: Google Earth

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