Google Maps Has A New Feature Which Alerts You If Your Taxi Driver Is Going Off Course

Everyone's been in the situation where you're sitting in a taxi, whether it be sunrise, daytime, dusk or night time and you notice that your driver has gone a peculiar way.

Sometimes you sit there thinking 'oh well, it's probably because they know the roads better than I do (and sometimes that's absolutely correct)'. But other times it's because they know that way will drive up the fare through time and distance or road tolls.

Then there are the drivers that go off-course for a much more sinister reason.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

That's why Google Maps is stepping in to provide a safety feature that will give you an alert if you're going off track. A user will get a ping when you go 500 metres off course and it allows you to let your friends track your progress.

It's an optional feature at the bottom of the screen, where you tap the 'Stay Safer' button.

Like we said, there could be plenty of legitimate reasons why a driver would go off-course, but this feature gives you a bit more peace of mind to be kept up to date of where you're going.

It can be especially helpful if you're in a different country and have no clue which way is best.

According to 9 News, the feature is being tested in India before rolling out to other parts of the world.

It follows upgrades to the app, which allows users in Australia to get speed camera and speed limit changes in real time.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

A company spokesperson told "Since last year, Android users in Australia have had the ability to report speed traps, speed cameras, and crashes straight from their mobile app.

"These reports will appear on the map within minutes, helping nearby drivers better plan and navigate their route.

"Users will also be able to verify reports with a quick voting tool to help ensure accuracy."

If it's based off user input, you might be able to alert others about mobile speed trackers.

Google bought company Waze in 2013, which allowed users to put in things like RBTs (random breath tests) and speed cameras. It's taken that long for the technology to be rolled out across Google Maps in Australia - which is a bloody long time not to reap the benefits.

But at least it's finally here for the every day driver.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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