Phone Burned 500 Holes In Woman's Eye After Having Screen On Full Brightness

Whenever you're in a dark setting like the movies or a mood setting restaurant, there's always that one person who whips their phone out and it is brighter than the fire of a thousand suns.

Usually they don't care that their device is emitting blinding levels of light but they should after what happened to a woman in southern Taiwan.

Credit: Asiawire
Credit: Asiawire

Chen's eyes are incredibly messed up after using her phone constantly over the course of two years on full brightness. It didn't matter if she was under the covers in her bed where you'd need only a sliver of brightness, hers was on full.

Doctors say that she's effectively burned up to 500 holes in her cornea as a result.

They first became bloodshot and then started to hurt and that's when the 25-year-old sought medical treatment.

Her doctor said that she had been exposing herself to more than 600 lumens (which is a level of brightness) every day for two years when the recommended daily level is roughly 300.

Credit: Asiawire
Credit: Asiawire

According to the Mirror, exposing your eyes to just two hours of anything brighter than 600 lumens is like putting your eyes in a microwave.

That's not the only thing you need to worry about when you're using a mobile phone. A bloke's smartphone burst into flames without a single bit of notice.

The shocking moment was caught on CCTV camera, with the footage captured in a mobile phone repair shop in the Basiskele district of Kocaeli province in Turkey.

In the video the repairman, identified as Hulusi Ayman, can be seen in the bottom right of the screen taking the customer's phone - of an unknown model and brand - out of its case, while another employee monitors the situation.

Ayman starts to take a look at the phone when it suddenly bursts into flame - obviously, the worried repairman drops it on the glass counter in front of him, as the device continues to burn.

The phone then gets knocked to the floor by Ayman as the other employee fetches a kettle full of water in an attempt to extinguish the flames.

Turkish media has reported the situation occurred when a customer simply brought the device in to have its battery replaced.

So yeah, be careful with your devices because you never know when they'll turn on you.

Featured Image Credit: Asiawire

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