Photographer Fends Off Komodo Dragon From His Boat With Just A Pair Of Sticks

Dragons aren't real? Pfft. Tell that to a Komodo dragon - while not as dangerous as Harry Potter's notorious Norwegian Ridgebacks, they're still not the sort of creatures that you want to be messing about with - as these Indonesian fisherman very nearly found out. Watch the amazing footage here as they fend off one such lizard with just a stick:

The fisherman's boat was attacked by two Komodo dragons, who were attempting to board the vessel in the waters off the coast of Rinca Island, in the Komodo National Park in Indonesia.

The massive lizards can be seen snapping at the boat, but the fisherman keep them at bay with a forked stick, prodding them back into the water.

American cameraman Andy Lerner was on hand to take the spectacular video.

Credit: Andy Lerner/Media Drum World
Credit: Andy Lerner/Media Drum World

"Being close to apex predators is always a thrill; whether it's big cats, white sharks or these dragons," said Lerner.

"It's something most people don't get a chance to do, so I love sharing it. I really like the prehistoric look that these animals have. I think we have a visceral reaction to something that connects us to dinosaurs.

"They really did look and move the way we think dinosaurs did. Maybe it's the fear, but it also triggers a kind of wonder.

"These particular dragons are used to being fed by tourist boats and are have been conditioned from that to check out the boats for a meal as they come in close.

"This of course unfortunate and is not natural behaviour for the dragons as I would always prefer, but to safely take these photos it was my best choice. They are surprisingly fast and erratic swimmers, especially when hungry."

Credit: Andy Lerner/Media Drum World
Credit: Andy Lerner/Media Drum World

Komodo dragons are the world's largest species of lizard, reaching as much as three metres in length and weighing up to 14 stone.

It is thought that they grew to such an unusually large size as a result of their isolation on the small group of islands that form their habitat, as there are no other large predators there to impede their growth.

Komodo dragons eat meat - usually carrion killed by other animals, though they will stalk and kill their own prey as well if required to.

While they rarely attack humans, they have been known to from time to time - it is estimated that five people were killed by Komodo dragons between 1974 and 2012.

"The dragons are of course very dangerous - the absolute best you can hope for if bitten by a dragon is to just lose a limb," said Andy Lerner.

Featured Image Credit: Media Drum World

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