Rick And Morty Green Screen Tattoo Might Be The Best Thing You Ever See

Look, I'm not scientist, but I do that you can't go wrong with the basic formula of 'awesome thing + another awesome thing = something very awesome indeed'. As if to prove the point: the TV show Rick & Morty is one of the best things ever, therefore a Rick & Morty tattoo is also going to be one of the best things ever. So what about if you factored in a li'l green screen? See for yourself...

This, I think we can all cheerfully agree, is an incredible Rick & Morty tattoo. It's so good, in fact, that even if you don't like the show - who are you?! - or haven't heard of it, it's still amazing.So how does it work? Well, that big swirl of green that Rick and Morty are looking at in the tattoo is the same colour as a green screen - those things used in most action-packed blockbusters these days to make the impossible possible.

It's essentially a projector screen, so that you - well, the guy with the tattoo - can use a green screen app on his phone to project a film onto his flesh, as you can see in the video above. Here's what it looks like without the fancy projections:

Credit: Roy Lee Rowlett
Credit: Roy Lee Rowlett

And of course, while the video in question shows Rick and Morty watching the credits of their own show - very meta, and very appropriate given the multiverse premise on which the show relies - you could actually beam anything that the green screen app allows.

Tattoo artist Roy Lee Rowlett is the man responsible for the tattoo - he explained the story behind the ink to Buzzfeed News: "I sat down with a friend, Brian Lejman, and we went over cool ideas that would be practical with the green screen effect.

"Rick and Morty just made sense. I plan on doing more of these in the future.

"You saturate an area of skin with green, or any other color depending on how good you are with the software. Then use video editing software or an app on your phone to overlay a video."


Reflecting on the video going viral, he added: "Honestly, I figured people would like it but not to this extent. It was pretty overwhelming honestly. It's been email after email.

"It was good to see that most of the responses were positive. A few negative ones but that's OK. I understand it's not something everyone's going to be into.

"My favorite responses were the ones from people that thought the tattoo actually moved in real life. They were pretty funny."

So you could watch episodes of The Simpsons or all two hours and 29 minutes of Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War... hey, why not plough through all seven series of Game of Thrones while you're at it?

It mightn't make for the best viewing experience, with so little surface area on your arm to aim for, but it'd still be pretty cool. Except maybe for the living projector screen - i.e. the person with the tattoo - who'd be forced to stay still and not move their arm for that long.

Credit: Adult Swim
Credit: Adult Swim

Anyway, it's a really fantastic tattoo that looks great - even just as a green screen and without anything projected onto it.

Hopefully, the colour won't fade. After all, tattoos have a habit of fading, and perhaps if it changes colour too much it won't work any more. And that would be a tragedy.

Featured Image Credit: Roy Lee Rowlett

Mischa Pearlman

Mischa is a freelance journalist usually based in either New York or London. He has written for Kerrang!, Record Collector, NME, the New York Observer and FLOOD magazine, among others. Contact him at [email protected]

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