Fidget spinners have become 2017's craze. Give them to two Hollywood actors and you're in for a treat - even if one of them isn't totally convinced.

We gave Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx the pleasure of playing with their own fidget spinners while also answering LADbible's questions.

The pair are starring in Baby Driver - a film about a young getaway driver, named Baby (see it's all fitting into place already), who wants to escape his lifestyle. In order to start that better life, though, he must first work for a veteran kingpin.

The film features Hamm, who starred in the massively successful Mad Men TV series, and Foxx alongside Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey and Lily James.

From worst habits to what they think of the British, and the closest they've ever come to death to who's in their ultimate getaway crew - the pair give some revealing and funny answers. Check it out for yourself.

Baby Driver is out now in cinemas worldwide.

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