'Liar Liar' Still Has One Of The Best Blooper Reels Of All Time

It's been over 21 years since Jim Carrey's incredible turn in the Tom Shadyac-directed comedy Liar Liar had us all shouting: "The pen is rrrrrroyal blue." Feel old yet?

While it might not be in Carrey's top five, it remains a favorite due to his outstanding performance as the conniving attorney and divorced dad of one. Because although the film's premise (about a man who spends his life lying rendered unable to lie from an unexpected spell) could've entered mundane territory, it's Carrey who makes it all happen.

This is perfectly illustrated in the blooper reel of the film. Arguably one of the most exciting parts of watching Liar Liar on VHS (yes, we're that old) was getting to the end so we could rewatch all the goofball clips of Carrey rolling with his fuck-ups, birthing some comedy moments that are almost as classic as the movie itself.

From fluffing his lines, to the peeing water jug, to the paper swan, the bloopers show Carrey's talent to deliver the laughs in the most unexpected of packages.

Credit: Universal Pictures
Credit: Universal Pictures

It takes you back, doesn't it?

It's a gag reel of pure gold, one that shows Carrey doesn't take a break no matter what role he's in.

Anyone who's seen Netflix's recent Jim & Andy will understand this is unequivocally true, and the Canadian-born funnyman finds different ways to remain in character, depending on the role he's performing.

This documentary shows how the comedy heavyweight refused to break character as the late, great Andy Kaufman for his role in Miloš Forman's 1999 biopic dramedy Man on the Moon.

Carrey in Man on the Moon. Credit: Universal Pictures
Carrey in Man on the Moon. Credit: Universal Pictures

It's inspiring to see an actor transform into the character he's portraying with such conviction, even if it does drive those around him to distraction in the process.

It's even more inspiring to know that Man on the Moon was released just two years after Liar Liar - further evidence of Carrey's versatility and dedication to giving his all in every film he stars in.

Which is what makes Liar Liar so special. It was a film that blended fantasy with a strong, moralistic message at the heart of it - honesty is the best policy yada, yada, yada. These are tropes that can be found in so many 90s movies of the time.

But Carrey's OTT performance was hilarious and heartfelt all at once, and one that elevated the film from a regular family fantasy to one of the most classic comedies of the decade. And as you can see from the blooper reel, it truly was a turn that came from Carrey's unshakable ability to create comedy from the most simple surroundings.

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Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures

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