Metalworker LAD Makes His Own 'GoT' Dragonglass Dagger

Now that the White Walkers have broken down the wall and begun their march south, there are two materials in Westeros that are seriously hot commodities. Anyone not wishing to suffer a violent and icy death at the hands of the undead would be well advised to arm themselves with either some dragonglass, or a bit of Valyrian steel.

The only issue is, these White Walker-killing substances aren't exactly growing on the weirwood trees, and until Jon successfully mines the cave at Dragonstone, dragonglass is in seriously short supply. With time running out, it's a pity the folk south of the wall can't just make their own dragonglass daggers like this highly-skilled LAD, who has created his own take on the GOT weapon.

Joshua L Burrell is an artist and metalsmith with a lifetime of experience. Obviously, we're not saying he was wielding a hammer and messing about with a forge as a baby, but he has always been surrounded by the trade.

"Basically, my background is that I come from a family of craftspeople, my father has been a blacksmith and my mother a goldsmith my whole life," Joshua told LADbible. "Beyond that is a long line of Boatbuilders, Ceramicists, Carpenters etc.

"I have been making traditional tools for other craftspeople full time now for nearly 10 years, I mostly make specialist tools for carpenters, stone masons and jewellers but more broadly I make tools, equipment and ironwork for the 'heritage trades'."

But as well as being an accomplished metalworker, Joshua is also a big-time Game of Thrones fan, and decided to honour the show by creating his very own White Walker-slaying dragonglass dagger.

In the clip, we see Joshua - who, I'm sure he wouldn't mind us saying, wouldn't look at all out of place wielding an axe north of The Wall himself - getting down to it in his workshop with various pieces of dangerous-looking equipment.

He hammers, grinds and forges away, until he's left with something that looks perhaps even more dragonglass-like than the stuff itself

"Making the dragonglass dagger was an interesting break from my usual work," explained Joshua.

"Usually I focus on making axes and other cutting tools with clean lines and graceful curves. The dagger by contrast required detailed and extensive sculpting to replicate the surface texture of the original prop."

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Paddy Maddison

Paddy Maddison is a freelance journalist and frequent contributor to LADbible. He specialises in men's lifestyle, music and news, which has seen him work with publications including ShortList, FashionBeans, Menswear Style and many industry-leading brands. Contact him on [email protected]

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