Two Twins Fail Same Lie Detector Test On The Jeremy Kyle Show

The Jeremy Kyle Show can also be a shocking insight into just how many people are willing to air their problems on national television in front of an audience.

This morning, Jezza outdid himself with a revelation for the ages, outing two twins who nicked cash from their own stepmother.

Seasoned Kyle watchers will know that the best episodes are always the lie detector specials and this was no different, with the two accused undergoing the tests to prove their innocence.

Let's backtrack to give you the whole story. The cast of characters in this particular intrigue were Lauren and Liam, a pair of twins who were taken on by their stepmother, Sam, almost a decade ago.

Sam said that she had been stolen from, with money taken that was due to be paid as rent. The kids said that they would never steal from their stepmother, of course, but did admit that they had previously stolen from their grandmother.

The scene was set: Sam, the woman who intervened and offered a home to the twins; their nan, the old woman that they used to pinch from, big Uncle Jamie, nan's son, who was disgusted to hear that his mother had been stolen from; Lauren and Liam, the twins who claim that neither of them had done any thieving at all and Beth, the woman accused by both Lauren and Liam of being the culprit.

Credit: ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show
Credit: ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show

Oh, and Jezza, lapping it all up.

"Test says you're a liar Lauren," said Jezza, to much protestations from Lauren, shouting "It wasn't even me though."

"You failed the test," he raged. "What do you mean it wasn't you? Don't start acting like a petulant kid because you've been found out."

That wasn't everything, Beth was exonerated and then Jezza turned on Liam, telling him: "Well this is a TV first as you failed as well. The twins did it together - there you go."

Liam was just as shocked, with Jeremy getting right in his face to accuse him of lying and blaming the theft on Beth.

Credit: ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show
Credit: ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show

"You think its alright to nick off an older lady," Kyle told the twins. "Your behaviour is disgusting and vile and you tried to frame her. You're out of order and you can quit the tears."

If you've found a better way to spend your Thursday mornings, then I'd be amazed.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Jeremy Kyle

Mike Wood

Mike Meehall Wood is a freelance journalist and translator. He writes for LADbible, VICE and countless sports publications, focusing on rugby league, football and boxing. He is a graduate of Leeds University and maintains a fizzy pop obsession. Contact Mike at [email protected]

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