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July 8th 2016 Shares

A Top Chef Has Turned A Big Mac Into A Fine Dining Dish Because Why Not?

Claire Reid in videos

Credit: PA

Whether you're lovin' it or you'd rather eat cardboard, you can't deny that McDonald's has a place in life. It's the go-to place for thousands of hungover people every weekend, kids like it, and you can get a burger without leaving your car.

Despite its versatility, there's one thing you'd never call it and that's fine dining. Now, most people are absolutely fine with this but some people just like to watch the world burn, don't they? Vloggers Lifehunters TV decided that they really wanted a shit-hot version of a Big Mac, so they asked chef Jaimie Van Heije to make them one.

Credit: YouTube/lifehunterstv

To make his Better Big Mac he had to use all the classic Big Mac ingredients: two beef patties, salad, the signature sauce, melted cheddar and of course the pickle - which, to be honest, he shouldn't have had to use, because that always ends up in the bin anyway.

Jamie admits that he's not actually eaten a Big Mac in about three years - I suppose chefs don't eat at McDonald's that often.

Credit: YouTube/lifehunterstv

Off he went to a German factory to see how Big Macs are made and said he was surprised by the quality of the ingredients.

"It has character, because I'll use meat from the shoulder and the brisket to make steak tartare, and I'll add some flank steak fat to make it more juicy. I'll mix it with the sauce to keep the original character," he said.

Sounds pretty fucking good to me, but are the other chefs on board? Of course they are. They fucking loved it. The fact that it looked absolutely amazing, probably helped, too.

I'm starving now, I'm off to McDonald's.

Words Claire Reid

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